Epitaph/Anti Records, Neko Case (music videos) coming soon
Duplass Brothers (Producer) here & here
Amazon Creative Services (Director, branded content) watch here & here & here
Focus Features (Producer, documentary development) watch here
Transparent, Jill Soloway/Andrea Sperling (docu-series / Producer) watch via Amazon Prime & Wifey.TV
Epitaph/Anti Records, Neko Case (album trailer / Director, Producer) watch here
M ss ng P eces for Starbucks (Director / Field Producer) watch here
Andrew Bird: Fever Year (documentary film / Director, Producer) watch trailer (message Xan for full film)
Dreamland, Robert Schwartzman (fiction feature film / 2nd Unit Production Manager) news here
Glowforge (Producer) watch here
Epitaph/Anti Records, Kelly Hogan (documentary short / Director, Producer) watch here
U.S. Department of Education, Secretary Arne Duncan (Consulting Producer)
Milking the Rhino, David E. Simpson (documentary film / Co-Producer, Global Outreach Coordinator)
Andrew Bird: Lusitania feat. Annie Clark of St. Vincent (music video / Director, Producer) watch here
Prisoner of Her Past, Gordon Quinn & Howard Reich (documentary film / Outreach Director) watch trailer
Waggener Edstrom (Guest Speaker)
Nike (Guest Speaker with Common, Angela Davis, and others)
Andrew Bird: Lull feat. Dianogah, Lisa Barcy (music video / Adaptation, Producer, Co-Editor) watch here
Andrew Bird: Imitosis, Britta Johnson (music video / Producer) watch here
McGarry Bown (Branding & Ideation)
VSA Partners for CME Group (Field Producer)
Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater, Gabe Klinger (documentary film / Consultant)
Life Itself, Steve James (documentary film / Consultant)
Spilled Water, May May Tchao (documentary film / Co-Producer)
Chicago Short Film Brigade (Founder, Executive Director)
National Association of Latino Independent Producers (Conference Mentor)
Third Coast Audio Festival, Filmless Festival (Consulting Producer)
Band of Sisters, Mary Fishman (documentary film / Consultant)
Cooked, Judith Helfand (documentary film / Field Producer)
Provenance, Amy Siegel (Field Producer)
Hard Earned, Kartemquin Films for Al Jazeera America (documentary series / Consultant)
The Trials of Muhammad Ali, Bill Siegel (documentary film / Consultant)
The Interrupters, Steve James (documentary film / Consultant)
Reel Paradise, Steve James (documentary film / Consultant)
The War Tapes, Deborah Scranton (documentary film / Consultant)
Almost There, Aaron Wickenden & Dan Rybicky (documentary film / Consultant)
American Arab, Usama Alshaibi (documentary film / Consultant)
The Homestretch, Anne De Mare & Kirsten Kelly (documentary film / Consultant)
A Good Man, Gordon Quinn & Bob Hercules (documentary film / Consultant)
At the Death House Door, Steve James & Peter Gilbert (documentary film / Consultant)
The Last Flight of Petr Ginz (documentary film / Consultant)
Jens Jensen: The Living Green, Carey Lundin (documentary film / Consultant)
Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile (documentary film / Consultant)
A Song For You, Sharon Karp (documentary film / Consultant)
Jimmy in Saigon, Peter McDowell (documentary film / Consultant)
The Distant Architect, Clara Alcott (fiction short, Consultant)
Typeface, Justine Nagan (documentary film / Consultant)
Preserves, Anuradha Rana (documentary film / Consultant)
Grow, Sarah Carlson (documentary short / Consultant)
Wake Forest University (Crowdfunding Workshop)
Seattle University (Guest Speaker)
Columbia College College (Guest Speaker, 2006-2014)
Northwestern University (Guest Speaker)
University of Chicago (Workshop)
Big Water Film Festival (Programming Consultant)
Illinois Humanities Council (Panelist)
Hilton Hotels (Photo Model)
Leo Burnett, Secret Brand Deodorant (Photo Model)
IFP Minnesota, Knight Fellowships (Grant Panelist)
Theaster Gates, Dorchester Projects (Consultant)
O Olive Oil (Media Consultant, Copy Writer)